Biogents CO2 Timer

Biogents CO2 Timer

Allows you to control when carbon dioxide is emitted.

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Biogents CO2 Timer allows you to program CO2 delivery at pre-set times.

In this way it is possible to regulate the gas emission only in the hours of greatest activity of the mosquitoes, typically early in the morning and in the late afternoon.

The BG-CO2 Timer is mounted between the CO2 source and the trap, to which the CO2 hoses are already attached.

Allows you to set two distinct time intervals throughout the day.

It can set up to five traps at the same time.

The advantages of CO2 delivery only during certain periods of mosquito activity are:

Reduction of consumption up to 75%

Longer cylinder life and lower costs

A single BG-CO2 Timer can adjust more than one trap at the same time

The BG-CO2 Timer can be applied to all traps

Example of gas savings:

  • Without BG-CO2 Timer, 24 hours of CO2 emission: 500 gr per day
  • With BG-CO2 Timer, 6 hours of CO2 emission: 125 gr per day
  • The Timer works with a 9V battery which is not included in the package. A battery lasts about 6 months.
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